1. 11:51 15th Sep 2014

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    A daily dose of Bach

    The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 - Contrapunctus 9

    Emerson String Quartet

    I listen to this recordings a few times every week. The first entry of the main art of fugue theme makes me smile so hard, and then again when it enters in the cello. Righteously good.

  2. Andrew Zolinksy playing some Ligeti etudes. 

  3. Ana-Maria Avram, Chiaroscuro. 

    Performed by: Andrei Kivu, Clotilde Lacroix, Vasile Comsa.

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    Arvo Pärt
    My Heart’s in the Highlands
    Else Torp & Christopher Bowers-Broadbent

    Excellent use of classical music in film: La Grande Belleza (Paolo Sorrentino, Italy, 2013).

  5. More spectral music, this time Tristan Murail performed by Gian Ponte. 

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    If you think this is not the best thing in the world, I am afraid you are wrong.

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    Gérard Grisey - Partiels

    Spectral composition, everybody. Get excited.

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    New York Times is too hyped about Become Ocean. In fact it’s the only album on their Fall Preview! You should be hyped too. Grab a preorder before it’s too late!!!


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    For Arvo’s birthday, this is absolutely one of the best things on the internet. Posting again for it being the best reasons.

  10. This is a neat thing to leave open while you go about your day. Schoenberg solo piano works set to a slideshow of Kandinsky paintings.