1. Chen Yi - Duo Ye

    Performed by Amy Lin

  2. Julia Wolfe – Big, Beautiful, Dark, and Scary

    Performed by Bang On A Can All-Stars

  3. Belinda Reynolds – CIRCA for baroque ensemble

  4. Theo Loevendie – Duo, for solo bass clarinet

    Performed by Caroline Wüst

  5. Marcos Balter - Wicker Park

    Performed by Ryan Muncy


  6. Sarah Kirkland Snider, featuring Shara Worden and Signal - The Lotus Eaters

  7. 14:03 23rd Sep 2014

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    Stream yMusic’s Balance Problems on Pitchfork Advance!

  8. 11:30

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    Judd Greenstein - Clearing, Dawn, Dance

    Performed by yMusic.

  9. 16:28 22nd Sep 2014

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    Become Ocean gets released next week. NPR is streaming it all week, this week. Thank goodness for NPR.

  10. 11:30

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    Judith Weir - Airs From Another Planet

    Ingrid Culliford, flute
    Melinda Maxwell, oboe
    David Rix, clarinet
    Dominic Morgan, bassoon
    Alison Taylor, horn
    Dominic Saunders, piano